6 Week Podcast Program

October 12th - November 16th

Live classes Wednesday at 11am CST (recordings will be available)

Come with an idea, leave with a fully launched podcast and the tools to continue and have a top rated 5 star reviewed podcast.

You will not only learn how to create a podcast you'll be taken through each step and be able to ask any questions along the way.

You will also be a part of a community of others who are taking the exact steps as you.

Ready to learn to create your own successful podcast?

Here is a break down of the modules and topics that will be covered.

Each week you will have homework to complete and at the end of 6 weeks your podcast WILL BE ON SPOTIFY, APPLE PODCASTS AND MORE

Module 1

Ready: Introduction to the Basics

  • Niche down - Who is your audience?
  • What will they get from your podcast?
  • Podcast title - how to choose one
  • Tips on creating a appealing title
  • Equipment to purchase
  • How to record

Module 2

Set: Editing Made Easy

  • Basics of editing - How to take out ums, ahhs and mistakes
  • Live demo of editing
  • Creating + recording your intro/ extro
  • Picking your music theme
  • Ending your podcasts - asking for one action

Module 3

Ready: It's time to Create

  • Compelling cover art
  • Live Demo - Creating your cover art
  • How to create social media posts on Canva
  • How to slow launch on instagram
  • Creating hype in your community

Module 4

Set: Speaking made easy

  • Speaking tips on how to speak on a podcast
  • Tips on what types of episodes to think about (time i.e long or short)
  • How to structure a podcast episodes
  • Show notes
  • Podcast length time
  • Being authentic
  • Creating community around your podcast

Module 5

Record! Nitty Gritty

  • Recording what hiccups did you encounter? Q&A
  • Getting set up on Podbean
  • Applying to podcast platforms
  • Social media marketing per episode
  • Launch strategy
  • Monetizing your podcast - ads

Module 6

Record: It's time to Pitch

  • Take the floor - Pitch your podcasts
  • Reviews
  • Q and A

Are you ready? To get started, we cant wait to have you in our course!


  • $1000 off regular price
  • One hour 1-1 coaching call with Natalie about podcasting or business ($677)
  • Cover art design final edit ($200)
  • Intro and Outro edited to broadcasting standards ($300)
  • One month voxer support with Natalie